NTI Backup NOW!

NTI Backup NOW! 6.0

A backup solution for end users, small businesses and IT professionals
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NTI Backup NOW! is a powerful backup tool that will guide you all through the backup process. The program is very easy to use and navigate. It features a totally intuitive interface similar to Windows Explorer (with check boxes next to files and folders) that will allow you to select the files and folders you want to back up, the destination and filename, and any optional settings,such as the data compression. A great feature of the the program is its ability to backup to multiple CD or DVD drives automatically if the backup takes more than one disk. Also, when restoring data, the program gives you the option to compare files in the backup set to the source. However, BackupNow! fails to provide explicit settings to allow you to backup your Windows Registry, Desktop, Favorites and other system settings. So, in order to back up these items you need to know the appropriate location of that files. What is more, the full version of BackupNow! includes a full drive/partition backup program handles open files, including the Windows registry. Also, it allows you to create bootable rescue media to be use in case of disaster recovery, and also to resume an interrupted backup.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple and easy to use. Totally intuitive wizard-like user interface


  • Lacks a simple way to allow novice users to save system settings
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